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Whether your hair is curly, straight, coiled, braided or styled any other way, Free Your Mane helps you celebrate your textured hair.

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These products are just incredible. The ease and agility in which my daughter could manage her hair after shampooing and conditioning was the most favorable experience she has ever had with hair products. Brushing and managing her textured, thick curls was much easier than ever. And to know that the products are natural and chemical free is just wonderful. We are hooked. I've just ordered product for friends. Thank you!

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The Pressure to Look Perfect

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It’s easy to make bad hair decisions…especially when you have mixed hair. 


Welcome to Mixed Hair Happiness

Love the sulfate-free lather

Cleans & softens

Color safe

Smoothes & softens

Enhances curl definition

Hydrates & restores

Holds & polishes

Shapes & shines

Never greasy, drying or draggy

Happy Customers

I used to feel bad about my hair. Now it’s beautiful and different, and that’s what makes it great.



It’s refreshing to know there are products made just for girls like me!



I want beautiful hair!
My Hair Luvs this Shampoo
I have been a customer since January 2011, and I have never looked back. This Shampoo is Amazing, my natural hair loves the way it clean without drying. Most sulfate free shampoos are not rich in lather, and they usually are drying not FYM. The best shampoo on the market. Mechell - Cult Fan of FYM
This has been a great hydrator
People have been noticing the difference and complimenting my curls. It feels good to go natural and saves time. I've always loved my curls but never knew how to manage them. Now they are finally looking good and are manageable. I feel confident wearing my big hair now.
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